Publication Date: May 24th, 2011

Yale University Press


Praise for

Bob Dylan: Like a Complete Unknown

“He knows his stuff.” -The New York Times Book Review

“Mr. Yaffe has excellent chapters...approaching at times the intensity of prose poetry.” -The Wall Street Journal

“Fascinating for obsessives who think they know everything and want to know more.” -Kirkus Reviews

"Steeped but not drowned in cultural studies...offers fresh and sometimes prickly insight about Bob Dylan's art. His book will have you saying, 'aha!' again and again." -Sean Wilentz, Princeton University, and author of Bob Dylan in America

“David Yaffe is to Bob Dylan what Andrew Delbanco is to Herman Melville and what Farah Jasmine Griffin is to Billie Holiday—a writer whose authority is so vast and whose thinking is so fresh that he makes reading about his long-familiar subject an act of discovery.” -David Hajdu, Columbia University, author of Positively 4th Street: The Lives and Times of Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Mimi Baez Farina & Richard Farina

Mr. Yaffe accepts his award at The Center for Fiction in New York City on May 30, 2012.

David Yaffe, a nationally renowned arts critic and a professor of English in Syracuse University’s College of Arts and Sciences, was awarded the prestigious Roger Shattuck Prize in Criticism. Named for the late National Book Award-winning American critic and Proust scholar who authored several major works of criticism, the prize is awarded annually to two emerging critics who have already established themselves with a substantial body of work. Yaffe—along with The New Republic’s Ruth Franklin—were honored at a special ceremony in New York in May, sponsored by The Center for Fiction.  Distinguished critics across the United States served as nominators for this year's award.  The final selection was made by a panel of professionals at The Center for Fiction. This year's committee members were Adam Gopnik, Rosanna Warren, Eleanor Cook, William Carter, and Jed Perl. Fifty nominators across the country submitted nominations.